Energy Conservation Performance of LED Fluits

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Now there is a high energy-saving requirement today, today we say that the energy saving effect of the LED fluid.

The first is the luminescence efficiency of the LED fluid, and the efficiency is mainly to see how much the electric energy can be converted into how much light energy, and the solar tube and energy-saving lamp commonly used in the family have a light-emitting efficiency than the LED spot. Simply said that the same effects, the LED light is more powerful than the daylight tube and the energy-saving lamp.

Second, the light waste of the LED fluid is small, renovated at home, where you need to use light, is not the entire room, obviously a few chandeliers on the table, as long as you use it to the table, it is obvious.

Do you know the energy saving effect of the LED fluid?

Energy Conservation Performance of LED Fluits 1

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