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Energy Saving Performance of LED Street Lights

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At present, there will be solar LED street lights in many buildings, because it makes full use of solar energy, converting solar energy into electricity, no need to consume conventional energy, saving electricity bills. So how do it energy saving? Next, the solar LED street lamp manufacturer tells everyone.

1. LED street light is used solar energy, we can use it for a long time and reduce the emissions of pollutants in the air. Generally, solar low pressure devices, do not involve high pressure, drive single LED voltage is a safety voltage, and the single LED power is 1 watt, and the luminous efficiency can reach 100LM per watt. Compared to ordinary white paper light bulbs, the light effect is much higher, Each component is an energy-saving component, so energy saving effect can be achieved.

2. LED streetlights are easy to install, no need to dig wiring, without complex underground lines, as long as the position of the installation is good, you can be installed there, and each solar LED street light is running independently, will not appear Fault, affecting other LED street lights.

3.LED street light run without manual management, optical control overtime control, alternate electric energy in the battery, even if it encounters rainy weather, it can stick to 3-4 rainy weather.

Energy Saving Performance of LED Street Lights 1

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