Extraordinary Characteristics of LED Industrial Mine Lamps

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The LED industrial and mine lamp is widely used in large-scale gymnasiums, public places, factory workshops, etc. LED industrial mine lamps are selected from high-strength die-cast aluminum housings, drawn aluminum radiators, high-efficiency reflective hoods, external electrostatic thermoplastic spray, corrosion resistance, impact, and long use. The characteristics of the LED industrial mine lamp:

1. Select the LED plane integrated light source, low thermal resistance, low temperature rise, and the lamp housing is part of the heat sink, which can be directly conducted.

2. Use a wide voltage planning, the total power of the lamp is basically unchanged when the voltage is not determined, and the frequency flashes can be prevented to ensure the stability of the worker to use the lighting environment.

3. Do not suck dust, mosquito, no usual cleansing lights.

4. Select the LED plane integrated light source without pollutating data and purple infrared radiation, safe use.

5. Using the LED industrial mine light instant advantage, you can use a large area.

Extraordinary Characteristics of LED Industrial Mine Lamps 1

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