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LED street lamp heads use aluminum alloy die-castings, effective heat, dust and dust. The surface of the lamp is treated with ultraviolet corrosion, and the entire luminaire is compliant with the IP65 standard. The outer casing can be controlled by the PC, the temperature can reach 135 degrees.

The power LED is used as the light source, and the module light source is designed, and the imported brightness semiconductor chip is selected. Many customers will ask not to be strong when they purchase, do not stride. In fact, this situation does not exist in our company. Eliminate the glare, visual fatigue and sight interference caused by ordinary road lights, driving safety; start-free, power-on, normal brightness is not waiting, our company's street light series products are lead-free, mercury and other pollution elements, It is a loyal partner of the sun. It combines it to give full advantage of its advantages.


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