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How Does the LED Street Lamp Size Implementation?

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How to implement LED stream lighting

For the best import period of the LED street lights, the industry experts and corporate leaders have expressed enough confidence.

In fact, the promotion and application of the LED street light in the past few years is not satisfactory, especially in the demonstration project, in order to seize the development opportunity, it is blindly entering, For a time, simulation, the imitation products have poured into the market, so that the LED street lamp has a serious light attenuation or even dead lights, the power failure is frequent, glare and the zebra effect is serious, and the brightness of the special environment is not enough and the maintenance is difficult. A series of drawbacks such as expensive prices, the emergence of these bad problems, even directly leading to the question and resistance of the owner, so that the promotion of the LED street lamp is severely blocked.

In recent years, the popularization of LED street lamps has become a trend, LED light effect, continuous improvement, heat dissipation, cost, etc. Users welcome. From the development of LED technology and the application of these years, the comprehensive quality, cost performance, functionality, etc.

The scale application of the LED street light has no problem, and the exemplary effect of the LED street lamp has been obvious, and has already had a basic condition for scale applications. It is expected that the streetlights will be faster and faster, and the domestic LED street lamp market can still achieve a double growth rate annually.

In the long run, the LED street lamp is indeed a future development trend, but there are still some thresholds that need to be spanned. For street lamp management departments, using urban road lighting facilities, price and quality is very important, and also consider the requirements of relevant standards, the trend of product innovation and the actual situation of local economic development, can be comprehensively determined Lighting product solution. At present, the quality of LED street lamps is uneven, and the price difference is large, but it has become the LED street light.‘Block’Let the street lamp management department is very headache.

The biggest problem now is disorderly competition, product fish dragon is mixed, and the advantageous price warfare, the fierce price war, so that some excellent enterprises that should have advantages have no advantage. In addition, there is no unified standard, resulting in a huge adverse effect on the entire LED street lamp market. If these problems do not solve, the road to the LED street light will be very difficult.

Jiangsu Qianxia Lighting Co., Ltd. is originally Lingtang Shenju Electric Co., Ltd., located in the industrial concentration area of Yangzhou City, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, has 46 employees, including 8 engineering and technical personnel, 6 market developers, factories It covers an area of more than 6,600 square meters, with a building area of 8600 square meters, with 800T large CNC bending machine, supporting high-speed vertical cutting machine, punch, lathe, planer, automatic cutting machine, submerged arc welder, drill, bending and other equipment Taiwan case, registered capital of 10.8 million yuan, through the national AAA certification, CCC certification, CQC certification, ISO9001 international quality system certification, is a qualified enterprise, quality trust, has a national city and road lighting project professional contracting three qualification certificates.

In the past few years, the company has always adhered to innovation as the pilot, with the tenet of quality and service, rapid rise in fierce market competition, and became the whole product, low price, good quality, excellent service, excellent service, excellent service, excellent service Production of LED street lights, high pole lights, road lights, high-end landscape lights, traffic safety facilities equipment, products are sold all over the country.

The company also has multiple sets of aluminum die casting molds, producing multi-style outdoor lighting, and the company has a number of patented products. Making a precision stainless steel pole, garden, lawn with lamps, plaza lighting with luxury lamps is important business scope of this company. In addition, the new high-power LED lamps in the company independently developed, and the solar power system is launching in the market.

How Does the LED Street Lamp Size Implementation? 1

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