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How Much Is the Full Set of Solar Street Lights?

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Nowadays, the application of solar street lamps is very extensive, more and more purchases, before buying, consumers are most concerned about the price problem, then how much is the full set of solar street lights?

The person in charge of Yangzhou solar street lamp manufacturers introduced that the price of solar street lights on the market is not uniform, mainly because of the mass difference. For example: a set of ordinary 5 meters high solar street lamps is generally between 1500-2200 yuan, but some black heart merchants have decreased in the system configuration in order to increase profits, causing insufficient brightness or shortness of brightness or brightness.

In general, the price of solar street lights does not have accurate standards. It is recommended that consumers directly go to the manufacturer to buy, on-site inspection, sign contracts, so that not only guarantee the quality of the product, but also have a later service, why Not.

How Much Is the Full Set of Solar Street Lights? 1

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