Learn More About the Three Anti-lights

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Today, Xiaobi takes you to learn more about three anti-lights.

The three light lights have a longer service life, suitable for applications in some large and unmantened lighting places. Its housing is made of light alloy materials and technology spraying techniques, and it is difficult to rust and corrosion. Double reduction in structural and materials ensures good seismic performance. Because of the rolling process, it is ensured that the outer casing has a good overall, strong sealing, waterproof and dustproof. It is also good for electromagnetic compatibility, so electromagnetic interference will not cause the surrounding environment. In addition, the overall temperature rise is relatively low in use, so the heat dissipation performance is relatively good, and the fault incidence is low.

The above is the content sharing of three anti-lights, you can refer to it.

Learn More About the Three Anti-lights 1

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