LED Air Light Use Effect Description

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LED lighting lighting fixtures can be used for single-mounted or multi-lamp combination, which can be installed on a rod over 20m. In addition to the beautiful appearance, you can concentrate, reduce the light pole and footprint, which is that it has strong lighting.

The light is emitted from empty, and the light is covered, gives a similar daylight, so there is a more lighting quality and visual effect. In order to meet the safety performance requirements of outdoor use, the protection level of the lamp should be IPX3 (open). Improve lighting is an indicator of our company. With the proposal of one sexual investment, people pay more attention to the development of closed lighting fixtures, and the protection level of the outer casing is IP55.

In order to further light the light output ratio of the light source, the reflector tends to adopt a multi-focus reflector, which facilitates the reduction of the photoresist of the light source to meet special lighting requirements. The reflective surface of the surface treatment is a new material and a new process to obtain a 96% reflection ratio. The small partners need to contact us.


LED Air Light Use Effect Description 1

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