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[LED Floodlight] Don't Be Hidden!

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When installing the LED floodlight, you need to use the material: LED guardrail lamp, transformer, controller with waterproof function, specific installation steps are as follows:

1. The first is to install the guardrail, first punched on the wall, the spacing can be decided according to the actual requirements, usually within 3 cm;

2, then do a good job of anti-static measures, such as grounding, workers should wear static clothes, do anti-static measures, because different grades of LED floodlight quality is also different, and its anti-static ability Weak is also different;


4, LED floodlight wiring only 25 cm is better, and the transformer power can be larger, otherwise it will affect brightness drop.

If you still want to know more about the little knowledge of the LED floodlight, then come to our website inquiry!

[LED Floodlight] Don't Be Hidden! 1

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