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LED Garden Light Installation Construction Common Problem

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Nowadays, the construction of urbanization, many community real estate development, and often use a wealth of garden lights in the community, so the sales of the courtyard rose sharply. However, some garden lights do not standardize in installation construction, then we understand the problems in the installation of LED garden lights.

1, poor construction quality

Because the fault caused by the quality of the LED garden lamp is large. Main performance: First, the depth of the cable ditch is not enough. The laying brick is not taken according to standards; the second is that the basic pre-buried tube is not constructed according to standard requirements, mainly the pre-buried tube is too thin, plus a certain bend, and the cable It is quite difficult to make a dead bend at the bottom of the base.”Situation; third, the line nose crimping and insulated wrap thickness is insufficient, and it will be shorted when it is running for a long time.

2, material is not limited

From the perspective of outdoor LED garden lights in recent years, the quality of the material is high. The main performance is that the wire contains less aluminum, the wire is relatively hard, and the insulating layer is thin. This situation is more common in recent years.

3, the quality of the supporting project is not hard

LED garden light cable is generally paved on the sidewalk. The pavement is poor, the ground is sinking, and the cable is deformable, causing the cable armor. In particular, the Northeast is in the cold zone. In the winter, the cable and soil have a whole. Once settled in the ground, once settled in the ground, it will be injured at the bottom of the garden lamp foundation, and the rain is long, and it will blow off the base root.

LED Garden Light Installation Construction Common Problem 1

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