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The last section of Xiaobian introduced the outstanding advantages of the upper part of the LED industrial and mining lamp, let us take a look at the rest!

1, ready to use

Many fluorescent lamps and high-pressure gas discharge lamps cannot provide full brightness immediately, and usually take about three minutes to reach large output. In contrast, the LED system can immediately issue brightness without restarting, and for industrial applications, It is very important.

2, the foundation of informationization

The core of the LED system is a semiconductor device that can not only be ill, but also do more work. LEDs can basically be compatible with advanced new systems, bring good new energy efficiency, with the help of the LED, we can continue to monitor performance to ensure cost savings, and can use the lighting to combine with other systems, including energy storage , Solar and gas fire extinguishing technology.

3, no infrared or ultraviolet radiation

In practice, less than 10% of the power used in incandescent lamps are converted to visible light, and most of the power is converted to infrared (IR) or radiant heat, excessive heat and ultraviolet radiation cause damage to the human body and materials, if used in Including hazardous chemicals, machinery and other industrial environments, their hazards will increase. However, the LED system hardly transmits infrared or ultraviolet rays, and LED lighting techniques reduce the cost of LEDs and improves LED reliability.

The above is the whole advantage of LED industrial and mining lamps. From these advantages, LED mine lamps are worth everyone.“Favor”


LED Industrial and Mining Lamp -

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