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LED Industrial Mine Lamp Extending the Way of Using Life

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LED industrial mine lamps are widely used in life due to its performance characteristics. Can be used as lighting. There are many faults in LED three anti-lights in life, mostly because our method of use and daily do not protect and maintain. The following LED industrial mine lamp manufacturers will introduce you how to extend the useful life of the LED indillant lamp.

1. Open the light every day, because there is water in the air, and the moisture in the patch can be evaporated, extend the service life of the luminaire.

2. Check the circuit of the LED three-fire light, see if there is a weak light from the lamp. If there is, it will illustrate the front of the zero line, to be adjusted in time, otherwise the time may cause damage to the lamp.

3. Do not switch frequently. Because in the event of frequently started, the current passed is greater than the current at normal operation, which is easy to cause a sharp rise in temperature, so it is necessary to minimize the number of switches in the lamp.

LED Industrial Mine Lamp Extending the Way of Using Life 1

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