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LED Industrial Mine Lamp Manufacturers Production Fixtures Cannot Be Unchanged

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 Our products are innocent, comprehensive structure, full of modern breath, in line with the trend of the times. In the heat, we are creative, and the air is used in the flow chamber aluminum radiator design, the heat sink and the heat dissipation surface, transparent, the air leaves before and after the flow hole, and the air circulation within the cavity is conducive to heat emissions. Effectively mention the heat transfer efficiency of the LED lighting light, to ensure safety power, the LED light source at temperature 45 C. Secondary optical lens module and lighting design. The length of the spot is determined by the LED angle, so that the distribution of the light is reasonably controlled, thereby avoiding superposition of light and reduces light loss.

 LED mine lights are mainly the office, administrative office hall lighting, shopping mall, shopping mall, business hall, and shop lighting, lighting, exhibition show window, bar, restaurant, etc., restaurant, library, museum, lighting, home lighting, etc. It is an alternative to traditional halogen tungsten lamps and metal halide lamps. Pres is a professional production of LED industrial manufacturers, there is a need to contact, and the price has a discount.

LED Industrial Mine Lamp Manufacturers Production Fixtures Cannot Be Unchanged 1

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