LED Industrial Mine Lamp Occupies an Important Position in the Lamp Industry

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The LED industrial mine lamp is a class in many lamps, and in the factory, workshops, mines, warehouses, plazes, etc. have a wide range of applications. Everyone has learned, is this reason? Let the LED industrial manufacturers will share with you.

1. The LED mine lamp is applied to the COB source, which uses a conduct aluminum substrate to make, in this case, its thermal conductive effect is better.

2, the LED industrial mine lamp is the type of glass lens, which can be used for secondary optical distribution, and there is no deformation.

3, the shape is compared to other luminaires, or more fashionable, using full-transparent structural design, such, its air convection is good, heat dissipation is also faster.

4, using die-cast aluminum to make the lamp housing, then the outer casing can be treated, and there can be multiple color selection, the shape can not only prevent corrosion, but also beautiful.

5, you can perform a variety of light distribution methods, very suitable for working mine lamps, floodlights, floodlights.

According to the above five points, we can learn that the development of LED industrial mine lamps is still better in the development of the lamp industry, and the prospect is also a bright. For this product, you need to consult prices, you can contact us LED industrial mine lamp manufacturers.

LED Industrial Mine Lamp Occupies an Important Position in the Lamp Industry 1

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