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[LED Industrial Mine Lamp] Structural Knowledge Can Be Learned!

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The overall structure of the LED industrial mine lamp is as follows:

1. The LED industrial mine lamp employs a single high-power LED (about 50W-100W) as a light source, the design of the multi-chip integrated single module light source, as well as the imported brightness semiconductor wafer, has a thermally conductivity, Luminous reduction, pure light, no heavy shadow, etc.

2, the LED worker lamp itself uses a more special heat sink design, and the electrical box can be combined with each other, effectively transmit heat and spread, thereby reducing the temperature in the lamp body, effectively ensuring the life of the light and power.

3, the surface of the heat dissipation is also the anticorrosive treatment of anodized, the structure is compact and beautiful, anti-corrosion, and dust-proof performance.

4, the effect of the LED indillant lamp is more obvious, using high power LED light source and import efficiency power supply, the energy saving of the sodium lamp reached more than 70%.

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[LED Industrial Mine Lamp] Structural Knowledge Can Be Learned! 1

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