LED Industrial Mine Lamps Are Different From Traditional Indigenous

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The LED industrial mine lamp is compared to the traditional industrial mine lamp, its advantages are great. Let's talk to everyone below.

1.LED industrial mine lamp shows high Ra> 70.

2. Generally, traditional light sources have a shortcoming of high lamp temperature. The lamp temperature will reach 200-300 degrees, while the LED mine lamp is a cold source because itself is a cold light source, so the lamp temperature is low and safer.

3. High efficiency, more energy efficient, simply 100W LED industrial mine lights can replace the traditional 250W traditional industrial mine lamp.

4. The heat sink is more reasonable, reducing the weight of the industrial and mining lamp, causing the overall weight of the 80WLED industrial mine lamp to below 4kg, and can solve the heat dissipation problem of 80-300 WLED industrial mine lamps.

The above is the advantage of the LED industrial mine lamp. To learn more, remember to pay attention to our official website.

LED Industrial Mine Lamps Are Different From Traditional Indigenous 1

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