[LED Industrial Mine Light] Is One of the Related Points of the Lighting

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LED indillars are classified, usually divided into general lighting and partial lighting. Today, the small band takes you to understand the general lighting.

The general lighting is usually uniformly placed above or on the upper or side walls of the workplace. It can illuminate the entire work surface. Its requirements are incandescent lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, strength gas discharge lamps or quantity. Multi-fluorescent, of course, can also use energy-saving high-power LED industrial mine lamps. Most murder lamps are of this type. General Lighting has a certain requirement for the spread of the light, widely used two types of optical lighting and semi-direct illumination types, including semi-direct illumination types. A portion of the rays in the semi-direct illumination type will be bright and the brightness of the ceiling can be added.

[LED Industrial Mine Light] Is One of the Related Points of the Lighting 1

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