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LED Solar Street Lamp Is Easy to Neglect When Installation

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First, the installation time. It should be installed in sunny days. If you installed in the rainy day, only the electric power is not charged after the light, it will not meet the design requirements;

Second, there should be no light on the day of installation. Many engineers will do the lights on the evening in order to see the lighting effect. Because the new battery is not full of power in the factory time, if the installation is installed, it is not a designed rainy day. The correct approach is that after the installation is installed, the controller is connected, but does not pick up the load. After the next day, the load will be charged again during the day, so that the capacity of the battery can achieve a high degree. Of course, this will increase some labor costs.

Third, the angle of the battery board, the general manufacturer is designed in 45 degrees, which is to ensure that there is better charging in winter. However, the direction of the direction is determined by the installation. When the solar panel is assembled underground, it is found that the lamp rod is set up, and the angle is deviated, and if the deviation is not much, it will generally no longer adjust. In addition to the charging, such an angular deviation also affects the solar panel voltage under the same light illuminance, which can cause the solar street lamp to turn on the lamp. Therefore, when assembled in the ground, try to adjust the azimuth of the solar panel to be consistent!

Fourth, the connection of the controller. Should use waterproof controllers as much as possible to ensure long-term stability while avoiding user free to change light time. If a non-waterproof controller is used, the wiring terminal is down, the wiring is bent into a U-shaped, which can prevent water from the controller from the line.

5. Try to persuade customers with better quality copper core lines. Due to the cause of conductivity, the current and the voltage have certain losses during the output, which not only increases power consumption, but also causing the LED driving power to work properly. I have discovered a problem in some construction site, the parameter setting of the drive power supply is correct, and everything is used in the laboratory, but after being loaded on the lamp, it is extinguished for 15 seconds. It is verified because the quality of the line is too poor, the loss is large, and the voltage to the lamp is output from the controller.

LED Solar Street Lamp Is Easy to Neglect When Installation 1

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