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LED Street Lamp Head Specific Function @led Street Lamp Head

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 When we walked on the road, if there is no street light, it will be a very troublesome thing, because we can't see the road condition, it may be dangerous, because there is a LED street light, it may be very good Avoid similar problems. LED street lights can be widely used in urban roads, parks, courtyards, residential, sidewalks, squares, schools, and other places requiring outdoor lighting. What is worth paying attention is that one of its important components is the LED street lamp.

First, a good LED street lamp head should have impact, strong earthquake resistance, no wireless and glass shell, and there is no problem with traditional lighting and fragmentation.. Generally, its appearance is thin, effectively reducing wind resistance, reducing the load of the pole, enhancing safety factor. Intelligent control, constant current driver, highlighting LED street lamp head power can achieve intelligent adjustment as needed. Combined with a conventional power converter with a single-chip microcomputer to achieve intelligent control of high-power LED light: optical control time control power automatic adjustment. Low working temperature, LED light source belongs to cold light source, when heat is dissolute, its operating temperature is below 60 C, and does not cause yellowing of lampshade aging.. Small poor glare and light pollution, the LED light source can be designed as needed, which can greatly reduce glare and light pollution, and can greatly raise effective utilization.. Power LED street lamp head is long service life, is 5 to 10 times the traditional lamp. LED light sources use current technologically more mature white light 1W package, surface welded on a 1.5 mm thick aluminum-based board, and then mounted on the radiator plane, ensuring fast heat transfer to the heat sink.. In addition, the heat sink is designed to fully guarantee LED cooling requirements and service life.

Modular integration, can be arbitrarily combined into different power and brightness requirements, each module is a separate source and interchangeable, local failure does not affect the normal operation of the entire luminaire, convenient to disassemble and maintain, save maintenance costs. If you need to contact us directly, you will provide you with professional service concepts.



LED Street Lamp Head Specific Function @led Street Lamp Head 1

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