LED Street Lamps Should Pay Attention to the Service @led Street Lamp Before the Product Pre-sales

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Pres LED street lamp innovation intelligent LED lighting field has powerful technical strength and strong research and development experience. Our company can provide customers with program research, technical design, OEM / ODM and other services.

The LED street lamp is a mass consumer product. It is basically the same. Before installation, it is necessary to carry out application environment surveys, understand the specific temperature, humidity, water vapor, pollution level, vibration, switch frequency, power configuration, voltage fluctuation , Replacement and maintenance. Understand the specific requirements of specific application, including scene, illuminance, color temperature, referral, color, control scheme, etc., make a reasonable LED lamp configuration scheme. To explain the technical problem solution, make a horizontal comparison with the competitors product, so that customers understand the actual value of the product. Introduce the general transaction terms and warranty policies to customers. Arrange the selection of LED street lamp samples, negotiate LED light sources, etc., assist product modifications or customizations.

Specializing in production, it is worth trusting. Welcome a small partner in need, and come to consult our company at any time, will provide you with product pre-sales service, and a good after-sales service is waiting for everyone.


LED Street Lamps Should Pay Attention to the Service @led Street Lamp Before the Product Pre-sales 1

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