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[LED Street Light] Has More Advantages, but You Need to Be Cautious

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The LED street light refers to the street lamp, has, safe, energy saving, environmental, long life, fast response speed, color color index, etc., which is very important to urban lighting energy saving, but we are picking the LED street light. Be cautious, today Xiaobian teaches everyone some points to buy the LED street light.

1, luminous efficiency

Technology is getting mature, high-power LED light source can meet the general street lights. The light efficiency of the general sodium lamp is 100 LM / W, the commonly used high power LED is 50-60LM / W, the foreign LED chip can reach 80LM / W, the more the luminous efficiency, the better the energy saving effect, this is also the choice of LED One of the important indicators of streetlights. However, there is no clear provision in the standard of LED, so you need to confirm carefully when purchasing LED street lights.

2, light failure

Some merchants use hundreds of 0.5W small power LEDs to reduce costs. However, this small power LED is very serious, and its lifetime is only 1000 hours of life. Therefore, as a long-term street lamp is relatively unable to allow this small power LED, select a large power LED (generally finger 30W or more), which is much better.

3, self-weight problem

Due to the technical content, the LED is complex, the LED stream is complicated, and some high-power lamp heads will be far a normal sodium lamp, so it is more required for the corresponding support material. However, some LED street lamp manufacturers have as possible to reduce the self-weight of the LED strip, from about 30 kilograms from the original single lamp, which has dropped to more than 10 kilograms, and the weight reduction has further decline.

4, heat dissipation

Because it is a semiconductor component, the wafer reduces the temperature of the temperature to 30%, it will lose lighting significance, which is the end of life, theoretical high-power LED street lamp is 3-50,000 hours, but Its important premise is to have good heat dissipation. It is worth mentioning that needle heat dissipation techniques have been adopted in the domestic manufacturers.

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[LED Street Light] Has More Advantages, but You Need to Be Cautious 1

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