LED Technology Continuous Upgrade and Market Continuous Expansion

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Entering the LED era, LED technology continues to upgrade, the market is expanding, in recent years, the LED lighting industry has high-speed growth trend.. Whether it is a LED lighting company or a dealer, it has tasted the "sweet" of the emerging industries in LED lighting in the past few years.. At the same time, the LED industry with electronic attributes has increased, but also enhances the correlation between the electrical industry and other electric industries, and the development of the electrician industry also benefits.. LED power supply. This is a big market, strictly said that the relationship between the intelligent lighting is not large, but the power supply has actually become an important carrier for intelligent lighting.. Dali power is not intelligent lighting agency? Obvious. The future power supply will also intelligently, is it not a smart lighting body? The answer is affirmative. The LED lamp is an indispensable lighting device of everyone. Therefore, the corresponding well-known brands are also very varied. There is a capacitor in the drive of the LED lamp, which can understand the capacitance to a very small rechargeable battery: When the capacitor passes the current, the capacitance will continue to charge - after the electricity is fully charged, the capacitor will release the stored electricity in one time.. The LED light flashes, it belongs to the latter case: During the process of charging capacitor, the lamp is extinguished - due to the smaller current of the capacitor, the charging speed is slow, so it can be seen that the light is extinguished.. When the capacitor is fully charged, the power is released once, and it will light up the light.. However, due to fewer storage, the electric light will be extinguished soon - the repeated charge, discharge, the naked eye, that is, the light flashes. When the lamp is used, it can't be blinking. It is because the current is larger, the charging speed is extremely fast.

LED Technology Continuous Upgrade and Market Continuous Expansion 1

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