LED Three Anti-light Quality Is Good and Bad

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The LED three light lights have a high light effect, long life, no delay in switch, and is the advanced lighting products such as energy-saving lamps, gold halide lamps and other light sources. But because the manufacturers are mixed, there will be some quality problems. The cause of common inferior three anti-lamp damage is roughly:

1. Power supply is broken: The power problem is caused, and some manufacturers use inferior power supplies in low-priced products. The product quality is unqualified. If you have used it, you will have a burnt light. The light flashes a flash or the light is bright.

2. The light source is bad: the process is not perfect when the lamp is assembled, causing the lamp beads and heat dissipation to contact, the heat transfer paste is uneven.

3. The heat sink is scattered, and good heat dissipation cannot be achieved.

The repair method of the three-way light that has been damaged is generally the following: the patch type can be changed to the entire light board, and the high-power integrated is changed to the entire light source, and it is necessary to pay attention to the treatment of thermally conductive and heat dissipation.

LED Three Anti-light Quality Is Good and Bad 1

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