LED Three Anti-lighting Means to Extend Life

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The LED three anti-lamp is widely used in life because of performance characteristics, as illumination. The following small series is to say how to extend the service life of the LED three-way light.

1. Want to keep the lights a few hours, because there is water in the air, open to a certain moment, can evaporate the moisture in the patch, thereby extending the service life of the luminaire.

2. Carefully check the circuit. After the light is installed, it will be weak light. If so, then the switch can be reversed in front of the zero line, and the length will damage the lamp.

3. When using the luminaire, the incomplete switch is used. Because the luminaire is in the event of frequently started, the current is greater than the current at the normal operation, it is easy to increase the temperature rise and increase the life.

4. When cleaning up, the lamp cannot be cleaned with water, and you need to use dry cloth to wipe it.

The above is the means of extending the life of the LED three anti-lights, I hope to help everyone.

LED Three Anti-lighting Means to Extend Life 1

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