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LED Three Anti Lights Are More Than Ordinary Three Anti-lights

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The three anti-lights are divided into two major categories: LED three anti-lights and ordinary three anti-lights. Among them, the LED three anti-light is more advantages over the ordinary three anti-light:

1. More environmentally friendly: there is no ultraviolet and infrared light in the LED three-definition lamp, low calorie and frequency flash, and waste can be recycled and will not cause pollution to the environment.

2. Longevity: Due to the no-loose portion in the lamp body, there is no phenomenon that the light is emitted, so its service life can reach 50,000 to 100,000 hours, much higher than the life of traditional light sources, and reduce replacement And maintenance costs.

3. Energy saving effect: Because it belongs to DC drive, its power consumption is relatively low under the same lighting effect.

The above is a few advantages of the LED three anti-lamps than ordinary three anti-lights, I hope to help everyone.

LED Three Anti Lights Are More Than Ordinary Three Anti-lights 1

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