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[LED Tube] Is Really!

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 The installation of the LED tube is relatively simple. It is divided into two types of power supply built-in and power supply. When the power supply, the power supply is installed, and the original lamp is removed from the LED tube and put the ballast. Remove the jumps, let 2 exchanges directly to the two ends of the lamp tube. The power supply external lamp is generally equipped with a dedicated light stand, and it can be used for replacement.



It has a lot of characteristics, let the small band take you one by one!

1. Environmentally-friendly lamps can protect the environment;

2, can effectively conversion, reduce fever;

3, quiet, no noise;

4, the light is soft, will not stimulate the eyes;

5, no ultraviolet rays, no mosquitoes;

6, the voltage can be adjusted;

7, save energy, make the service life become longer;

8, firm and reliable, you can use it for a long time;

9. Compared with ordinary lights, the LED tube does not require a ballast, and does not need to be used, and there is no flash.

10, no maintenance, frequent switches will not cause damage;

11, there is a stable quality, you can withstand the voltage, low heat dissipation, can work at low temperature;

12, the anti-vibration performance is very good, easy to transport.

If you want more to understand this LED tube, come and consult us!

[LED Tube] Is Really! 1

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