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LEDs Need to Pay Attention to When the LED Is Procured

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When purchasing LED factory lights, if you are going to work with the factory light, or put the price in the first place, you will be wrong. Now that the industrial mine lamp manufacturers are mixed with fish, including e-commerce, the market is confusing, the price is messy, and the quality is not good. Mei Lun Lighting for many years experience sharing: General customers encounter; there is no price low, no bought, the seller does not dare to buy, more than the manufacturer, the more I don't know how to buy. The main reason for this is because we still don't know what to pay attention to when the LED plant is procured.

First, see the configuration of the factory light. First, what brand is used by the LED factory chip, the imported first-line brand is high, long life, light decay, stable. Secondly, the power supply of the power supply is basically weak, that is, you will take 100W of lamps, actually 40-50W, which will affect the life of the lamp. In addition to the shortage of materials, due to bad materials, the later life will be short, the electrolytic capacitor will leak, we can often see some outdoor lights keep flashing, because the electrolytic leakage. Then look at the material of the lamp housing, the price of the lamp also depends on how much and purity of the aluminum , Furthermore the electrical box of the lamp to choose pure aluminum, and some is not good for cast iron.

Second, talk about the company's strength of suppliers. Be sure to visit the company, in addition to the office, we must invest in the factory, through the other party's conversation, the supplier is professional, so that the true and non-stealing of each accessory used. Some small companies are low-profile prices low LED industrial mine lights to you, and they have been broken without a few months, and then they can see it.

Third, talk about the price of factory lights. Ask the supplier's price system, rather than specific product prices, so you can clearly understand the price of the price, so you can see how much space you need. Then put forward the product, inform the product demand, the quotation is the supplier's things, talking so much, suppliers can only quote reasonable.

Fourth, order in time. Don't hesitate after talking, because this supplier will respond to you quickly; if you slowly swallow the purchase, the supplier will slowly swallow your stock, the LED industrial mine lamp production is available. Press single production. Suppliers will definitely have many customers, and suppliers handle the bills to be reasonably arranged according to the order, so you will be fast! At the same time, you have selected products and suppliers, you are hesitant. The supplier's potential opponent will do everything possible to destroy your order and purchase agreement. Various methods are in order not to order the order, then only cause you to lose a good time, you have to spend the whole process time to find New suppliers, and generally find the same excellent, let your satisfied LED factory lamp supplier, because you are already in a passive position when you find a supplier.

LEDs Need to Pay Attention to When the LED Is Procured 1

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