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PRODUCT FEATURES ◪CNC aluminum, elegant finish. ◪Reflector situated in deep position for anti-glare. ◪05002 and 07007-1 can be rotatable 25°. ◪D...

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1 Nominal Source Lumens at 4000K 2 Nominal Delivered Lumens at 4000K 3 Contact Factory for Additional Options
4 See Mounting Page for Details on Components and Finishes 5 Contact Factory for Special Finishes
Actual performance may differ as a result of end-user environment and application. All values are design or typical values,measured under
laboratory conditions at 25℃. Specification subject to change without notice.



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LED downlight light source is energy-saving and environment-friendly, no UV light, widely used in indoor lighting of shopping malls, offices, factories, hospitals, etc.


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1. Installed by professionals,please do not miss or replace the parts of the lamp during installation.
2. Do not get too close to the heating element, in case of dangerous.
3. Do not use chemicals to clean the lamp. Chemicals such as trichloroethylene, acetone etc. may damage the colloidal surface and cause fading.
4. Do not change the structure and parts of the lamp. If any broken, please let professionals to handle of it.

Company Advantages

· Green Earth light strip maker in india is under constant control in respect of safety and compliance with applicable international refrigeration system standards, as evidenced by the CE certificate of conformity issued.

· This product is somewhat flame retardant. Its fabric is assessed on a range of criteria to ensure the strength of the fire retardant properties.

· The best advantage of this product is that it makes the drawing target unique customers and the class. With its assistance, the merchandise can pass on the message for its purchasers in a simpler and attracting way.

Company Features

· Counting on expertise in developing and manufacturing LED radiator manufacturers, Shenzhen Green Earth Opto-Electronic Co., Ltd has become one of the major players in this industry.

· We have brought together a team of professionals. They leverage their extensive knowledge of working in the manufacturing world to design and manufacture products including LED radiator manufacturers.

· Enjoying a higher reputation in LED radiator manufacturers industry has been a persisting task for Green Earth. Check now!

Application of the Product

Green Earth's light can play a role in various industries.

With many years of practical experience, Green Earth is capable of providing comprehensive and efficient one-stop solutions.

This recessed lighting is IC rated, which means the junction box is thermally shielded and can be in touch with ceiling insulation.

The recessed light fixture just requires a 2 inch ceiling space and is compatible with a variety of ceilings and joists.

Recessed cans are no longer a constraint on your options.

The LED ceiling light uses a new generation of LED chips that produce more lumens while using less power.

The 950LM uses 12 Watts, which is equivalent to a 100W incandescent bulb, saving you money on electricity.

Anti-glare and scratch-resistant frosted LED lens.

LED recessed lighting 6 inch with ultra-thin body, smooth dimming, compatible with most dimmers, ideal damp site, satisfies a variety of needs in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, workplaces, common areas, exterior soffits, and other difficult-to-reach regions.

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Green Earth is continuously approaching different markets in various ways, we will keep on researching and designing innovative products, bring a better light to human beings. 

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