LED Road / Street Light 1
LED Road / Street Light 2
LED Road / Street Light 3
LED Road / Street Light 1
LED Road / Street Light 2
LED Road / Street Light 3

LED Road / Street Light

Product Description

SLP is designed and engineered to produce maximum output with minimum energy consumption. The series utilizes highly efficient light sources and precise optics to provide superior illumination level and excellent uniformity plus no waste or obtrusive light. Thanks to clever design, light-weight, long life and easy maintenance, smart controls, SLP is the perfect solution for road and street lighting.

Product Features

1.  Three housing size options, light weight and lasting durability.

2.  Long life span up to 100,000hr, up to 70% energy reduction vs traditional Metal Halide.

3.  Uniform light distribution and dark sky compliance.

4.  Easy installation, little to no maintenance demand.

5.  Consistent lumen output over fixture lifetime.

6.  Instant on and maximized safety with built-in surge protection.

7.  Programmable dimming and smart control options.

8.  THD at max Load<15% with Power Factor at max load >0.95.

9.  Wide foot-candles in accordance with IESNA standards, less energy, less cost.

Product Specification
 INPUT VOLTAGE  100-305VAC 50/60HZ
 Optics  T2/ T3/ T4/ T5/ TM/ F2/ F5/F6
 System efficacy  140~155lm/W
 CCT  3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K, 6500K
 Color option  W
 CRI  >Ra70 or 80 (optional)
 Operating temp.  -40°C to + 50°C (-40°F to 122°F)
 Lifetime  100,000Hrs
 Light control  Nema, Zhaga, Photocell,DALI; Zigbee;
 IP/IK rating  IP66 /IK08
 Surge protection  10KV (optional to 30KV)
 Finish Color  Silver Gray /Black
 Warranty  5 years


 T2  T3  T4  T5  TM  F2  F5  F6
 SLP-S-040  40W  24  4000K/5000K  5672lm  5512lm  5558lm  5445lm  5598lm  5535lm  5581lm  5728lm
 SLP-S-060  60W  32  4000K/5000K  8526lm  8275lm  8355lm  8186lm  8415lm  8372lm  8449lm  8611lm
 SLP-M-100  100W  54  4000K/5000K  14958lm  14512lm  14435lm  14135lm  14808lm  14883lm  15108lm  15182lm
 SLP-M-120  120W  72  4000K/5000K  18144lm  17601lm  17509lm  17236lm  17963lm  18053lm  18325lm  18434lm
 SLP-L-150  150W  96  4000K/5000K  22830lm  22145lm  22031lm  21598lm  22602lm  22715lm  23058lm  23172lm
 SLP-L-200  200W  128  4000K/5000K  30561lm  29644lm  29490lm  29032lm  30255lm  30407lm  30866lm  31048lm

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