PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 1
PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 2
PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 3
PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 4
PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 5
PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 6
PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 7
PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 8
PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 9
PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 1
PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 2
PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 3
PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 4
PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 5
PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 6
PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 7
PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 8
PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 9




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    Engineered with industrial leading cold-forging thermal dissipation technology,

    the ProFlood LED light solution takes flood lighting to a whole new level.



    PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 10




    Model FLP-1200
    Power 1320W
    Module Qty 8
    NW 27.3 kg
    LxWxH1(H2) 660x550x129 (278)mm
    No.of LEDs 720
    Color Temperature(CCT) 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K, 6500K
    CRI >Ra70 or 80 (optional)
    Operating Temp -40°C to + 55°C (-40°F to 122°F)
    Dimming Control 0-10V, PWM, DALI; Zigbee; DMX
    Lifespan (hours) 100,000Hrs
    IP/IK Rating IP66 / IK10
    Surge protection 10KV (optional to 30KV)
    Finish Color Black /Grey /White
    Warranty LED board 10 years, Driver and housing, 5 years


    1. Industrial leading cold-forging heatsink technology with extremely low LED junction temperature.

    2. Modular design 160W~1650W.

    3. Efficient high power LED source, system efficacy up to 160lm/W.

    4. Extremely light weight and compact small size.

    5. Highly efficient optics up to 8 distributions with minimal spill light.

    6. Easy installation and low maintenance demand.

    7. Full control systems compatibility (dimming, lighting controls).


    Mechanical Characteristics


    1. Cold-forging pure aluminum heatsink with best thermal conductivity.

    2. High power LED light source with high intensity and lux value.

    3. Japanese polycarbonate material optic lens.

    4. Galvanized or stainless steel fixing bracket.

    5. Powder coated in standard black color.

    6. Aluminum visor accessories.




    Sports field

    PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 11



    Multipurpose arena

    PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 12




    PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 13



    Building facades

    PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 14



    Parking lot

    PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 15


    High mast

    PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 16


    PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 17


    PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 18


    Construction site

    PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 19



    PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 20


    PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 21


    Hotel building

    PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 22


    PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 23


    How to deal with the faulty?
    Firstly, Our products are produced in strict quality control system and the defective rate will beless than 0.2%.Secondly, during the guarantee period, we will send new lights with new order for small quantity. Fordefective batch products, we will repair them and resend them to you or we can discuss the solution including re-call according to real situation.
    Is it OK to print my logo on led light product?
    Yes. Please inform us formally before our production and confirm the design firstly based on our sample.
    How to proceed an order for led light?
    Firstly let us know your requirements or application. Secondly we quote according to your requirements or our suggestions. Thirdly customer confirms the samples and places deposit for formal order. Fourthly we arrange the production.
    How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?
    We usually ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. It usually takes 3-10 days to arrive. Airline and sea shipping also optional.
    What about the lead time?
    We ensure the production of each process, so please accept our samples for 7-10 days, bulk orders need 20-45 days.
    How to do if any quality problems on our side in the warranty time?
    First, take pictures or videos as proof and send back to us.We will replace new one for free.
    How you control your product quality?
    We strictly manage the quality of all products according the ISO9001-2015.
    Views on the led market in future?
    Do you think that the products currently on the market make you unable to choose, they are all similar, without any features. We are a company that breaks this rule. Today's market tells us that there is no market and profit for selling traditional products. Humans need personalized products. GELED's lighting mission is that let every customer buys a lamp owned unique personality.
    OEM or ODM accepted?
    Yes,we accept OEM & ODM, but we are better at high-quality product customization.
    Are you factory?
    Yes, we are professional manufacturer for led commercial lighting products.


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    PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 24


    Engineered with industrial leading cold-forging thermal dissipation
    technology, the ProFlood LED light solution takes flood lighting to a
    whole new level.



    Brighter, Smaller, Lighter, Best cooling performance, With a variety of optics. The best-in-class flood lights.

    Frontier cooling technology

    ProFlood is specifically designed with leading cold-forging heatsink technology to provide top quality illumination and reliable long lifespan. 

    It has extremely low LED junction temperature with a compact smallest size and lightweight, which enables easy installation and maintenance, as well as low logistic and installation cost.

    Superior optical performance

    Maximum optics flexibility and highest level of lighting efficiency with no 

    flicker effect in televised applications. A variety of optics from narrow to 

    wide, symmetric and asymmetric beam angles to meet all demanding

    needs for area and stadium lighting.

    Industry highest performance

    System efficacy up to 160lm/W reducing energy consumption up to 70%. 

    Minimized lumen depreciation during lifespan and maintenance-free up 

    to 100,000 hours lifetime, ProFlood meets the highest performance 

    standards and capable adapt to external dynamic control systems.


    Aerodynamics Grade 

    with low windage characteristics


    Generally the mounting height of high mast light is up to 50 

    to 180 ft or even higher. It is crucial to keep safety in high 

    winds and harsh weather environments in all applications. 

    ProFlood with its extremely light weight and compact size 

    greatly reduces the area of air resistance, and hence the net 

    force acted on the luminaire body is significantly minimized.


    PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 25


    PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 26




    PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 27


    The Cutting-edge Technology In Thermal Management

    Industrial leading cold-forging aluminum heatsink

    Cold Forging is a process of compressing solid metal into a desired shape through extreme force and compression to produce high-strength parts.

    ProFlood has been featured with leading cold forging marine grade pure aluminum heatsink for best heat dissipation which is unparalleled in the industry.




    PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 28

    PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 29


    Cold-forging (1070 pure aluminum) achieve the highest level 226W/mk in heat conduction, more than two times efficient than die-casting (ADC12 alloy aluminum) 96W/mk. It is the best aluminum material for LED light heat dissipation.



    PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 30

    Superior mechanical properties

    Greater strength and durability, Compared to die casting aluminum:


    - More than 25% tensile strength 

    - More than 30% fatigue strength 

    - More than 30% yield strength 

    - More than 30% corrosion resistance

    - Greater Surface Finish


    Aluminum forging effectively solves the need for light weight, anti-corrosive, high-performance, durable parts.



    Extremely low LED junction temperature

    ProFlood is specially designed to utilize natural air convection to bring away the heat, which makes ProFlood to even topper level performance and sustainable to harsh temperature environment.




    PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 31



    Extremely light weight and compact size

    ProFlood saves more than 1/3 weight and size compared to common dia-casting luminaires, whilst remain superb heat dissipation performance with extremely low LED junction temperature.

    Remark: above dimension of die-casting luminaire is approximate value from general market.




    PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 32



    Innovation and maximum efficiency

    Luminaire with modular design specially developed with leading cold-forging technology for demanding applications to guarantee maximum lifetime and efficiency. 

    PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 33


    Optical distribution

    ProFlood offers a wide range of optics that enable your lighting design to obtain optimal photometric distribution and uniform lighting for sports and area lighting projects.

    PROFLOOD FLP-1200 1320W 34


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