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Green Earth designed light strip product has a unique advantage in the market, which will not make your eyes feel uncomfortable when you look directly.
New patented light strip is born

From 2010, Green Earth has provided high-quality lighting manufacturing services for the world as a high-quality lighting supplier. In 2021, after two years of hard work, we invented a new light strip and applied for a patent, Chinese patent application No.: cn202011324589.2.  

We invented the perfect LED light strip. One that avoids the issues of traditional light strips. For example, a traditional LED light strip has the problem of lights that are blinding leaving the eyes uncomfortable, the installation is inconvenient, and the appearance is ugly.

Our products advantages
Our newly developed light strip products can be seen directly

This light strip is an invention that we are proud of. The light is soft. You can even look directly at this new patented light strip without your eyes feeling uncomfortable. There is no need for slotting to install and hide the strip. Just stick it on and plug it in. It is far more convenient to install than traditional lighting. 

New patented light strip with multiple colors available
After strict calculations, we were able to design the LED to have a special surface material that has the appearance that is shiny when turned off. So, when the light is off, it also looks very beautiful and elegant. You could even use it as decoration.
Traditional light strip
New patented light strip
The price is almost the same as traditional IP65 LED strips. So you don’t need to worry about a significant rise in cost.
Light strip suppliers looking for business cooperation
Green Earth sees that the new patented light strip will bring new business opportunities to the world, and we are looking for great companies to cooperate with us. This new patented light strip provides a new market opportunity. Green Earth hopes to work with you to improve your business blueprint. Together we will lead the global light strip innovation trend.
Our qualification certificates
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Our customer comments

In the past ten years, Green Earth customers have commented on us as follows: 

Strict process specifications, high product qualification rate, high quality, on time delivery and reasonable prices. "

We are known for our friendly customer service, professional attitude and high service standards. You can also contact us if you have other questions related to the manufacturing of our lighting.
Our photos with customers
Welcome to visit our factory
Green Earth is a professional lighting manufacturer and supplier.

We supply high-quality lighting products that strictly follow EU standards to the world. We provide you with services such as lighting product R&D and design, metal parts and metal accessories processing and production, and finished lighting wholesale. Green Earth delivers a new image of high-standard and high-quality Chinese lamp manufacturing to the world.

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