Led Light Parts Supplier Service
Please don't think that we are just a traditional hardware processing factory, we are experts focusing on the field of LED lamps.We have a strong LED lighting design team, and the designers have won the German Red Dot Design Award.We have 10 years' experience in LED lighting structural engineers in this industry. We have an independent mold manufacturing center, high-profile die-casting equipment, stamping equipment and CNC machining equipmentCan help you customize all kinds of LED products you want to make. E.g. LED downlights, LED pendant lamps, LED spotlights, etc.We can provide you with hardware accessories or the whole product.You can provide ID scheme, and we will fix all the later schemes; You can also provide the structural drawings you want, and we will help you review the structure and heat dissipation.Our equipment can make any LED hardware you want.The export of hardware accessories for LED lamps will reduce import duties and costs for you in the future, and your products will become Made in your country. Why don't we try?
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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