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[Shandong LED Industrial Mine Lamp] Energy-saving Industrial Mine Lamp, LED Explosion-proof Flood Li

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Xiaobian thinks to develop application products from the advantages of LED. LED energy saving, environmental protection, long life, easy dimming, etc., the traditional light source is unparalleled, such as incandescent lamps, halogen tungsten chromine color, but low efficiency, low pressure sodium light efficiency, poor color, LED lighting products can be targeted Traditional lighting light source disadvantages, using LED single items, multiple advantages can develop many new luminaires than traditional lighting products. As a light source, the basis of judging market launch can refer to the important parameters of lighting costs. People generally only note the initial cost of the light source, and ignore the efficiency, life, maintenance and replacement of the light source, and the Shandong LED industrial mine lamp is better than the traditional source. But in the short term, the products are mainly foreign markets.

In the development direction of Shandong LED industrial and mine lamp, Xiaobian believes that it is advisable to replace incandescent lamps, and the halogen lamps, the low-efficiency light source and its lamp products, should not take large-scale replacement straight tube fluorescent lamp, sodium lamp, gold halide lamp these light sources and Lighting products. The market is now approved by the LEDs, LEDs, LED bulbs, mainly applied to commercial lighting fields, and is needed to purchase home applications from large-scale production costs and initial purchase costs in the cost-effective and initial purchase cost. Year time.

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[Shandong LED Industrial Mine Lamp] Energy-saving Industrial Mine Lamp, LED Explosion-proof Flood Li 1

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