[Shandong LED Street Lamp] Numerous Heat Dissipation Method, Careful Choice!

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 The heat dissipation of the Shandong LED street light is mainly as follows:

1, passive dissipation: The natural convection of the lamp through the LED street lamp is also scattered by the heat generated by the Shandong LED street light.

2, the active heat dissipation is mainly by water cooling, the fan increases the air flow rate of the heat sink surface, thereby taking the heat on the heat sink, and dispersing heat efficiency.

If the light heat dissipation of Shandong LED street lamps is mainly: natural convection heat, installation fan forced heat dissipation, heat pipe and circuit heat pipe heat pipe. Making fan forced heat dissipation is relatively complicated, relatively low, and the cost of heat pipe and circuit heat pipe heat dissipation. The street light has an outdoor night, the heat dissipation surface is located on the side and the body type is limited to the characteristics of the air natural convection heat, so for the Shandong LED street light, choose natural convection heat and heat. It is better.

[Shandong LED Street Lamp] Numerous Heat Dissipation Method, Careful Choice! 1

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