The Difference Between Traditional Industrial and Mine Lamp and [LED Industrial Mine Lamp]

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Speaking of lamps, everyone knows what, but you know? In addition to the general lighting fixtures usually used in our lives, there are also explosion-proof lamps and industrial mine lamps that can be used in special environments. So let's know what is the industrial mine lamp.

It is a luminaire used in mines, warehouses, and other production operations, but strictly speaking, the mine lamp can be divided into two major categories: traditional source mine lamp and LED industrial mine lamp. In order to meet the visual needs of the production work in an environment, the indillant lamp produces a variety of light range distribution, suitable for large-scale workplaces.

Compared to traditional industrial mine lamps, the lighting effect of the LED industrial mine lamp is more energy efficient. The traditional industrial and mining lamps have a shortcoming of temperature, while LED is a cold light source, the lamp itself is low, safer during use.


The Difference Between Traditional Industrial and Mine Lamp and [LED Industrial Mine Lamp] 1

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