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The Long Life of the LED Indillant Lamp Depends on the Heat Dissipation Performance of the LED.

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 In order to improve the service life of the LED indillant lamp, it is necessary to choose high quality and long life capacitors. This is also an effective method for improving driving power supply, reducing ripple current and working voltage flow over capacitor, power supply efficiency, reducing components Thermal resistance. Do a good job of waterproof and other protective measures and pay attention to the selection of thermal binders. The heat dissipation design is a key factor affecting the life of LED industrial mine. The LED industrial mine lamp with the same mass chip is very different in different design, even as high as several times. Therefore, its heat dissipation system plays a decisive role in LED industrial and mining lamps.

Conductive heat dissipation typically includes system-level heat dissipation and packaging heat dissipation, in order to reduce the heat resistance of the lamp, it is necessary to consider two heat dissipation methods. When the LED source is produced, the heat dissipation through the packaging material, the packaging structure, and the process level, thereby achieving heat dissipation. In packaging heat dissipation, the main existing silicon-based pour structure, metal circuit board structure heat dissipation, solid crystalline material, epoxy resin, etc., system-level heat dissipation is mainly studied by related techniques, thereby innovating and improving the heat sink. With the popularity of high-power LEDs, the power of industrial and mining lamp manufacturers has grown. At present, system-level heat dissipation is mainly hot cooling. Heat tube heat dissipation and air-cooling forced heat dissipation is an effective way to improve LED industrial luminaire life. Therefore, further research and innovation are needed.

The Long Life of the LED Indillant Lamp Depends on the Heat Dissipation Performance of the LED. 1

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