The Main Feature of LED Three-fire Light

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LED three anti lights is a lamp with waterproof and dust-proof and anti-corrosion. The main features are as follows:

1. Transparent parts use advanced lighting optical principles optimization design, which guarantees uniform light, soft, no glare, no ghosting, with anti-glare function, avoiding construction workers to generate discomfort and fatigue.

2. The selected gas discharge light source ensures high light efficiency, long life, and the power factor is greater than 0.9, high luminous efficiency, good light transmission.

3. It belongs to DC drive, low power consumption, under the same lighting effect, LED three anti-light is more energy efficient than traditional light sources.

4. It has a variety of installation methods such as seating, ceiling and ceiling types, suitable for illumination needs of different types of work. At the same time, electronics, mechanical dual protection ensures that the power supply is automatically cut off after the cover is opened, and the safety, stability and reliability of use and maintenance are added.

5. There will be no loose parts in the lamp body. There is no phenomenon that the filament is luminous and fever, so the service life is long, and the cost of replacement and maintenance is reduced.

The Main Feature of LED Three-fire Light 1

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