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The Things You Need to Know About Interior Lighting for Homes

The Things You Need to Know About Interior Lighting for Homes 1

Lighting is already an integral part of interior design. Different lighting can create different moods and atmospheres. The same space, if different lighting methods, different positions, angular directions, different lamp shapes, different light intensity, and color, can obtain a variety of visual-spatial effects.

The indoor lighting source of the house should consider the light effect, color rendering index (CRI), lifespan, as well as the overall color of the house. Given the energy-saving and environmental protection, LED lights should be given priority. At the same time, it is necessary to use a light source with high CRI; the higher the CRI, the more similar the light is to natural light.

Ra90+ will be preferred, with a minimum of Ra80. Color temperature is the key to create an atmosphere. When the color temperature of the light source is low, the light color appears dark, which makes people feel warm, peaceful, and relax.

On the contrary, it creates a cool and refreshing atmosphere. Residential lighting should also reflect the contours of the interior structure, the spatial level and the three-dimensional sense of interior furniture and decorative objects.The living room is a common activity venue for the whole family. The lighting in the living room has two functions, practical and decorative.

The Things You Need to Know About Interior Lighting for Homes 2

The layout and selection of the lamps in the hall should be fully determined according to the color of the furniture and decoration of the residents. Generally, the chandeliers can be set at the top of the center, and the number of downlights can be set at different edges. The surrounding walls can be provided with fancy LED wall lights in appropriate positions.

LED strip lights can be used in the ceiling and TV background wall for decoration. The main light can be chandelier or LED panel light, which depending on the style of personal preference. Bedroom lighting needs to meet a variety of requirements.

The luminaires do not have to be too light. The main lighting source should be designed to not too strong or whitish. It is recommended to use the warm white or neutral white, which will make the bedroom feel warmer.

Bedside lamps can be provided for easy reading. Partial lighting on the dressing table and closet can be easily installed, and the lighting should not be too strong, so it should be close to natural light. Indoor lighting design has become an essential factor in interior design with room layout, color, shape, materials, and so on.

The indoor lighting design must meet the lighting design technical standards and corresponding design specifications to meet the requirements of people's visual functions. It must also fully consider people's aesthetic needs and meet their visual psychological requirements, thus creating beautiful work and life for people. Original: Lighting & Decoration Blog.

The Definitive Guide to Waterproof LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are widely used, in households and offices.

But on many occasions, we need to use waterproof strips. Such as in the bathroom, kitchen, outdoor, swimming pool, sauna, and so on. There are different waterproofing levels for the strip.

Do you know how to choose the proper one? This article will tell you the answer. We will also show you how to cut, weld, and install waterproof LED strip lights.

We have to confirm the installation location of the strip lights. A non-waterproof strip is ideal for your bedroom or living room. There is very low chance of exposure to water or fog.

Of course, we can also use IP62 or IP65 strips for those areas, as they can effectively prevent dust and help cleaning in the future. If you want to install the led strip in the kitchen or bathroom, you must use IP62 or IP65 waterproof level strips. It is not necessary to install IP67 or IP68 strips here, unless the location is often sprayed with water.

If you will install an outdoor LED strip which will be wet by heavy rain for a long time, but it wo not be soaked in water. We recommend using an IP67 or IP68 strip. If you install the strip directly in the water, such as a swimming pool, fish tank.

Then we recommend using the IP68 strip with the highest level of protection. When it comes to waterproofing, there are three most popular types of materials: What is their difference? Here is a quick summary: Epoxy resin has the advantages of low cost, good maneuverability and low toxicity.

So, it's a popular waterproof material for most cheap LED strips in the market. But there's a fatal flaw in its molecular structure. First of all, its heat conductivity is poor, this will reduce the lifespan of the strip lights.

Secondly, epoxy resin is easy to yellowing after half a year, this yellowing will affect the color temperature of the strip lights. Besides, the epoxy resin cannot resist high and low temperatures. It will harden and crack very easily under an ambient temperature below 0°C.

The cost of PU glue is higher than epoxy resin. It has better yellowing resistance, low temperature resistance and better thermal conductivity. But it's toxic.

When polyurethane adhesive is cured, it will produce some small molecular compounds. These compounds have a very bad smell and are not conducive to health. Secondly, it is not resistant to high temperature.

Do not use the strip with PU glue in places where the ambient temperature is higher than 80 ℃. The cost of silicone glue is the highest. It is an environmentally friendly material and has the advantages of both PU glue and epoxy gel.

First of all, the heat resistance and low temperature resistance are very good. The ambient temperature of -50 °~ 300° wo not affect its structure and performance. We can rely on Silicon LED strips for saunas and refrigerators.

Secondly, the silicone glue will not turn yellow for a long time. This also ensures the long-term stability of the color temperature of the LED strip. It is particularly important for high-end lighting projects such as hotels, yachts, etc.

As silicone glue has good thermal conductivity, it promotes the heat dissipation of the LED strip. But, we need to add aluminum channels for high-power (over 20 W) strip lighting for heat control.

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