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Three New Technologies for LED Three-fire Lights

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Today, LED technology is being recognized more and more people. Traditional three-way lights are fluorescent energy-saving lamps, but now more and more customers are replaced with three anti-lights to save energy, because this can save costs, LED three The emerging technology of the lamp is as follows:

1, environmental protection: environmentally friendly benefits, there is no ultraviolet and infrared rays in the spectra of LED three-fire lights, no heat is not radiated, glare is small, can be recycled; because LED three anti-light does not have cold light, there is no pollution, but also safe Contact, so it is a typical green light source.

2, high-tech frontier: Compared to traditional light source monotonic luminous effects, LED three-fire light is a low-voltage microelectronics, successfully integrate computer technology, network communication technology, image processing technology, embedded control technology, so it is also A digital information product is a semiconductor optoelectronic device“High-tech frontier”Technology, with online programming, with unlimited advanced nature and flexibility.

3, multi-change: LED three anti-lights can utilize the principles of red, green, and blue, and under the control of computer technology, the three colors are used to mix different light-colored combinations.

The above is three new emerging technologies for LED three-fire lights. If you are interested in LED three-fire lights, Shandong Pres Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. welcomes your inquiries and purchases.

Three New Technologies for LED Three-fire Lights 1

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