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Three Steps Can Be Installed Correctly LED Industrial Mine Lamp.

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   The LED indillant lamp is in the factory, industrial and mining enterprises, oil, chemical, smelting and other production workshops, warehouses and other fields, or lighting in large shopping malls, indoor gymnasiums, etc., which requires safe installation, which guarantees life and property. Safety, the following Xiaobian gives you some correct installation method.

  Users can first determine the installation of the LED indillant lamp. Depending on the lighting environment, the environment will change the reflection efficiency of the luminaire. The general light fixture should be more than 5 meters, the wire cannot be close to the working mine lamp housing, if the condition must be less than 3 meters, the installation must take protective measures to prevent vehicle touch ! Second, the LED industrial mine routing is. The main line to the luminaire use a flat hard copper link, 5 ring is installed, and the required lights on the three-phase line according to the load balance! Large-density lighting project, the lighting housing is separately connected with PE. The last step is the waterproof and low temperature treatment of LED indillant lamps. Generally, the waterproof function mine lamp is generally selected, and the waterproof transformer is selected. The lamp chip package is wrapped with a temperature-resistant thermos, and the skill waterproof can prevent the damage to the luminated lamp, even in harsh conditions, it is very important. ! 

Three Steps Can Be Installed Correctly LED Industrial Mine Lamp. 1

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