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Two Factors of Conversion Efficiency of Photovoltaic Inverters

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Two major factors determine the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic inverters

What is the conversion efficiency of a photovoltaic inverter? In fact, the conversion rate of photovoltaic inverters refers to the efficiency of the inverter to convert the electrical conversion of the solar panel into electric power. In the photovoltaic power generation system, the inverter exerts DC electrical conversion of the solar panel to the flow of flow, conveys these AC power to the power grid of the power company. The inverter is highly conversion efficiency, which is available for self-employment and selling electricity. Increase.

There are two factors on the conversion efficiency of the photovoltaic inverter:

First, when the DC current is converted into the sine sine wave, it is necessary to utilize a circuit using the power semiconductor to switch the DC current, and the power semiconductor fever causes a loss, but by improving the design of the switching circuit, this loss can be made Decrease to minimize.

The second is to improve efficiency with the control experience of inverters. The output current and voltage of the solar panel changes with the sunshine and temperature, and the inverter can optimally control the current and voltage, so that the maximum amount of electric power is to find the best over time. The higher the power point, the higher the conversion efficiency. This control characteristics of the inverter will vary depending on the manufacturer's products, and its conversion efficiency is also different. For example, some inverters are highly conversion efficiency at maximum power output, but the conversion efficiency of low power output is very low; it is still a average conversion efficiency at the time from low power output to high power output. Therefore, when selecting the inverter, it is necessary to consider the matching property between the output characteristics of the solar panel.

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Two Factors of Conversion Efficiency of Photovoltaic Inverters 1

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