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Understand the Installation of the Courtyard Lighting

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Introduction to the lamp manufacturer, the courtyard lighting is usually selected, simply, there is a lid, after luminescence, cover it on top, reflect or down, such an operation can avoid directly climbing upwards directly to avoid dazzling.

Choose the appropriate light post height to ensure uniform illuminance, the layout of the lighting device should be uniform, and the distance is reasonable, and the height of the lamp post should be appropriate. The mounting height of the lamp is related to the use, and the general illumination height is approximately 3 meters, the height of the scenery light may vary depending on the situation. In addition, the horizontal distance ratio between the height of the lamp post and the lamp post must be appropriate to form a uniform illumination. The soft lighting makes the environment of the small courtyard more quiet and comfortable, intimately. The overall lighting lighting must be uniform, ups and downs, and has a uniform layout of the bright and dark rhythm art effect, and it is necessary to prevent unsuitable dark corners. The style of the garden lamp can be selected according to the style of the courtyard, and the small partner choosing the difficulty can select the square, rectangular and white hair of simple lines. Color, choose black, dark gray, a lot of bronze, generally small white.

If there is a swimming pool in the garden, the lights of the pool are more necessary, and other lights will give different romantic colors in the swimming pool.

Understand the Installation of the Courtyard Lighting 1

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