What Are the Characteristics of LED Industrial Mine Lights?

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LED industrial mine lamps are used energy-saving and environmentally friendly, long service life, and better color development, and is used to be applied to large-scale gymnasiums, public places, factory workshops and other lighting fields. The characteristics of the LED mine lamp are as follows:

1. Integrated light source with LED plane, low thermal resistance, low temperature, while the lamp housing is part of the radiator, so it can be directly thermally conductive.

2. Use a wide voltage design, and the total power of the lamp is basically unchanged during voltage fluctuations, avoiding the occurrence of frequent flaming and ensuring the stability of workers using the lighting environment.

3. Do not suck dust, no mosquito, can save the trouble of sweeping the light source.

4. Compared to traditional halogen lamps and high pressure sodium lamps, it uses LED plane integrated light source without polluting materials and purple infrared radiation, thereby creating a suitable workshop environment.

5. Using the LED instantaneous start-up advantage, using LED industrial mine lights in large area can instantly start the lamp, improve the work efficiency.

The above is the characteristics of the LED industrial mine lamp, I hope to help everyone.

What Are the Characteristics of LED Industrial Mine Lights? 1

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