What Are the LED Industrial Mine Lamp Functions?

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The use of LED industrial mine lamps is getting wider, and can be used in warehouses, large workshops, warehouses, gymnasiums and other places. It has the following functions:

1. LeD murder lamp brightness can only be adjusted, and the light is adjusted to different modes in different time periods to improve the energy saving effect of the lamp.

2. In the case of different seasons and temperatures, the color temperature can be adjusted according to people's senses, and improve the sensory comfort of the human body.

3. High optical utilization, high light effect, compared to ordinary monochromatic temperature LED luminaire, not only increased 10% of light efficiency, but also extend service life, more energy saving.

4. Use the LED industrial mine lamp in the factory, compared to ordinary industrial mine lamps, it is better, such as the uniformity of the light, uniformity, energy saving rate, light failure, etc.

The above is the function of the LED industrial mine lamp, let's take a look.

What Are the LED Industrial Mine Lamp Functions? 1

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