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What Are the Reasons for LED Dead Lamps?

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Jiangsu Qianxia Lighting Co., Ltd. Analysis of the cause of LED dead lamps:

We often touch the situation of LEDs, and we are also a dead lamp that people say in the industry. There are two cases: 1. One, the leakage current of the LED has caused the PN knot to make the LED street lighting point, which generally does not affect the work of other LED streetlights; Second, LED street lights The internal connection leads are broken, resulting in the LED no current to generate a dead lamp. This situation affects the normal operation of other LED street lights because the LED stream is low (red orange LED operating voltage 1.8V-2.2V, blue green white LED operating voltage 2.8-3.2V), usually Strings, parallel joints, to adapt to different working voltages, the more influences of the series LED street lights, and as long as there is one of the LED street lights to open the way, the entire LED street light of the series circuit will not be bright, see this The situation is much more serious than the first case.

LED dead lamps are a key issue that affects product quality, reliability, how to reduce and prevent dead lamps, improve product quality and reliability, and are key issues that need to be solved by packages.

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In short, there are many reasons for dead lamps. You cannot list, from encapsulation, application, to use all links, how to improve the quality of LED products, is the quality of packages and application companies to attach great importance to and serious research Problems, picking from chips, brackets, to the LED package throughout the process process to operate in accordance with the ISO2000 quality system. Only in this way, the product quality of LEDs can be fully improved, in order to do long life, high reliability. In the application's circuit design, select the pressure sensitive resistance and PPTC components to improve the protection circuit, increasing the number of parallel channels, using constant current switching power supply, and adding temperature protection is an effective measures to improve the reliability of LED product. As long as the package, the company is operated in strict accordance with the ISO2000 quality system, it will definitely make the product quality of the LEDs.

What Are the Reasons for LED Dead Lamps? 1

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