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When using LED luminaires, we should pay attention to multi-phenomenon, to ensure the safety of use.

The startup voltage of the LED indillax lamp is generally guaranteed (2V or more) can be turned on, and the voltage can be turned on. This middle waiting time is relatively short, and it will flash in this time. The frequency of this situation, and the frequency of the occurrence of this situation still has a certain frequency. It is also quite large for the harm of the human body. It may make people feel fatigue, vision, the feeling of headache, and the impact of autism More serious, for the production worker, the decline in vision can also cause the efficiency of the work to decrease, and it is possible to accident. For photographers, it is possible to leave a small black point on the photo. It is possible for athletes. There is a phenomenon of judging the mistake. It is also possible to cause a mistake of work for warning personnel. In general, it is still huge.

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What Happens to the LED Industrial and Mining Lamp Power Supply? @ 1

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