What Is the Advantage of the Light Source Used by the LED Industrial Mine?

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What are the advantages of the light source used by the LED industrial mine light? Let's talk to everyone below.

1. The LED lamp lamp is contaminated material such as lead and mercury, so green is environmentally friendly and does not produce pollution.

The 2.LD mine lamp uses high-power lamp beads as the main source, and the imported semiconductor crystal is used, which has advantages such as high thermal conductivity, light decay, no heavy shadow.

3. The color of which is better, allowing the color of any physical substance to present, and it has a large number of light color options to meet different environments.

4. Adopt good heat dissipation design and combined with the electrical box, which can effectively spread heat, reduce the temperature in the LED lamp to ensure the life of the lamp body.

What Is the Advantage of the Light Source Used by the LED Industrial Mine? 1

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