What Is the Characteristics of LED Factory Lamp Power?

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The LED factory lamp is a lamp in the factory and mine. The development of industrial development drives the scope of the application area of the worker lamp, which also makes its brand types continue to expand, and now large and small companies have gradually increased. Therefore, the factory lamp is getting more and more popular, then what characteristics have the LED factory light power?

The following small series will come to everyone to popularize the characteristics of the LED factory light power!

First, the LED factory lamp power source is high

The luminous efficiency of the industrial mine lamp is 100 lm / w or more, and it will continue to improve in the future. It may be more than 3 times later. The efficiency of the LED factory lamp is mainly to effectively efficiently, the industrial mine lamp is 120 degrees, and all the light is effective light. Although sometimes the 120 degree light emitting angle is narrow, it is still enough in most cases.

Second, the power supply efficiency of LED factory light power supply

The power efficiency of the LED factory lamp is usually as high as 90%. Compared with ordinary lamps, it can save more than half of the electricity. The LED factory lamp is generally used in the factory, the lighting of the workshop, the number of lamps, and the function of power saving is very practical. of.

Third, the life of the LED factory light power supply

A factory lamp life can reach 50,000 hours. And an ordinary lamp life is usually only 5,000 hours (some domestic light life is only 300 hours). The difference between the two is nearly 10 times. Some poor factory lamps are only 10,000 hours, but they are still nearly 5 times compared to ordinary lamps.

The above is the power characteristics of the LED factory lamp. It can be seen that the factory lamp power supply is also more advantages than ordinary lamps. The power of the LED factory lamp is a very important part of the industrial mine lamp, which plays a very important role.

What Is the Characteristics of LED Factory Lamp Power? 1

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