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What Is the General LED Street Light Power to Meet?

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Nowadays, there are more and more LED street lights in the city, and the traditional street lamps of high-pressure sodium lights are gradually replaced. However, the current quality level of LED street lamps is uneven, so it is important to choose a quality and excellent LED street light. The LED street light power is an important part of the LED street light. When we choose the LED street light, its power must meet these four-point requirements:

First, the LED street light power must be constant

The characteristics of the LED street lamps determine their impact on the environment. For example, if the temperature changes, the current of the LED will increase. In addition, the voltage of the LED will increase. If long-term run exceeding the rated current, the life of the LED lamp bead will be greatly shortened. The constant current of the LED street light power is also a current value of its operating when the temperature and voltage is changed.

Second, LED street light power constant current accuracy

The constant current accuracy of some power supplies on the market, the error may be reached±8%, and the constant current error is too large. General requirements±3%. According to a 3% design. Stained the production power supply to achieve±3% error.

Third, LED street light power working voltage

The recommended operating voltage of general LED is 3.0-3.5V. After testing, most of the work is 3.2V, so it is reasonable according to 3.2V. The total voltage of n lamp beads is tandem = 3.2 * N.

Fourth, the appropriate working current of the LED street light power supply

For example, the rated operating current of the LED street light is 350 mAh. Some LED street lamp manufacturers use it at the beginning, design 350 mA. In fact, the working heat under this current is very serious. After multiple comparison tests, it is suitable to be 320mA, which is suitable to minimize heat and convert more electrical energy into visible light.

The LED street light power satisfies these four-point requirements to calculate a qualified power supply. In addition, when choosing the LED street lamp, we should not only pay attention to the power supply, we also have to fully understand the other parts of the LED street light, so you can choose the high quality LED street light.

What Is the General LED Street Light Power to Meet? 1

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