What Is the Need to Use [industrial Mine Lamp]? @ 工矿 灯

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The indillant lamp is an explosion-proof lamp that is used in a special environment in addition to the illumination function of the ordinary light. It is mainly due to the production area of the factory, mine, warehouse and shed. Advantages with energy saving. So what is the requirements?

1, the light reflector of this mine lamp needs to be able to manufacture light light of different brightness and width. Due to the different effect requirements of the light during different jobs, only this energy-saving industrial mine lamp is available. More changes and regulations to meet the needs of users.

2, the mine lamp If you need to brighten a broader lighting effect, you must use a white coating, and the reflector is made of special glass materials, which will make the effect better.

3, the indillant lamp can be applied in different environments, whether it is an ordinary environment, or in a harsh usage environment, the energy-saving mine lamp is in structure, housing, reflector design and material selection, need to be quite.

4. Since the dust impurities contained in the air, the industrial mine lamp in the air-wet working environment, chooses some kinds of shell-sealed industrial mine lamps, preventing moisture gas from entering the lamp, which is also a protection for the lamp. .

In summary, the above content is described in detail. When the indillant lamp is applied, some of the standards that should be done, only these conditions, then the effect of the working mine lamp will be better and more useful. long.

What Is the Need to Use [industrial Mine Lamp]? @ 工矿 灯 1

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